“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way” -Babe Ruth

If we try at something we have the possibility of succeeding; if we are persistent we have an even greater chance of success.

If we let our fear of failure or of something else stop us from trying we’ve already lost.

We create a self fulfilling prophecy where we can justify and make excuses for not trying by telling ourselves if we try we will fail. Even if we eventually do succeed, unless we shift our choice of mind state by choosing to believe in our chance of success we are likely to fail anyway.

Then we will be able to to use our failure to justify not trying in the future. We would do well to commit to trying and being persistent, risking our comfort in complacency.

We have the power to lay the stepping stones that will illuminate our path to success. As we do, we can begin to walk down the trail we blaze.


One thought on “Batter Up

  1. rawgod says:

    What is success? Is it possible to succeed by failing?


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