Here I will describe how to throw a dart. Hold it in your hand, grasped between thumb, pointer, and middle finger. Hold your arm in front of you loosely but with intention. Focus your gaze on the area of the board you wish to hit. Pull your arm back slightly and then with a small burst of power lob it forward and be grateful for it to strike true.

As you practice and throw more darts you will quickly build skill and be able to hit your target more often. Don’t lose faith if you miss, its not about that dart anymore, you tried, you missed, not a big deal.

Make it about your next throw, recenter yourself, take a breath, and let it fly.

You can apply this same concept to anything in your life, don’t let failure smother your faith in yourself. If you don’t hit your number, it wasn’t meant to be for that particular throw, regardless of how much you wanted or needed it. Not because you don’t deserve it but because it didn’t happen.

Refine your technique, your approach and prepare for your next throw. While you still have breath in your body, you have a chance to accomplish anything you set your mind to, anything you commit to.

If you really want something your commitment will see you through to the end.

Maybe eventually you’ll move on to new goals and cease your pursuit toward toward previous ones, and that’s ok too, after all, you’re the writer of your story.

2 thoughts on “How to throw a dart

  1. Years ago, I was the new recruit, a new woman pastor who “got” to play on the men’s dartball team, in which you throw a longer, weighted dart 20 feet toward a baseball diamond drawn on a board. Despite my colleagues’ avid assistance, I was the dead weight on the team! But we had wonderful relationships and a hooting good time! Thanks, Brandon, for following White Hair Grace. We’re all on the same team…hoping to help folks with our experience. And hopefully having a hooting good time sometimes, too!


    1. Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience, it’s all about enjoying the experience and having fun whether you win or lose! It’s my pleasure, thank you for following me as well. Absolutely!


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