My two oldest Torties Nala and Kooza are from the same litter so have always been together, they will be 10 pretty soon.

We got Lily about 5 years ago, and as a kitten for years relentlessly harassed Nala and particular, Nala would never know when she was about to pounce and attack so she was on edge all the time.

With age Lily has mellowed out a bit though they still have a fairly conflicted relationship. One would think with how much of an unwelcome reception Lily at first received she would know how much that sucked and want to treat our new kitten nicely but all our cats greeted Arya with loud and persistent hissing.

They are starting to accept her presence a little bit but the hissing continued for a little while. It still happens sometimes but it’s much better, it appears they are beginning to accept her.

We are just trying to give all the cats love, so Arya feels welcome with us at least and our older cats don’t feel like they are being replaced because you know, they need to live forever.

Behold the cuteness.

4 thoughts on “How well do your pets get along?

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Oh, yes, so cute. My favorite is when cats wash their face. Wet the paw, wipe the face, wet the paw wipe the face, wet the paw, wipe the face but start all the way behind the ear . . . . oh so cute!

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    1. Terrepruitt me too. Yes so cute. And they randomly start licking each other.


      1. terrepruitt says:

        They start bathing each other, and then – around here, anyway – it turns into a scuffle!

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      2. haha yes that happens here too 🙂

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