“The pain is there; when you close one door on it, it knocks to come in somewhere else…” -Irvin Yalom

Our pains from the past are always with us. As we are able to process, resolve, and understand these pains they become part of us and deepen our understanding of the human experience and increase our abilities to empathize and relate with others and be kind, gentle people.

Trauma and pain unresolved can keep us stuck and prevent us from reaching our goals and dreams because we not only carry them with us in the present but we place them in front of us in the future.

Suffocating our optimism, preventing us from experiencing joy, from living our lives effectively in the moment, from having peace. There is no shame in asking for help. By accepting and sharing our vulnerabilities with others we become strong and accentuate our adeptness at helping others.

Seeing a mental health therapist is essential to process the emotional anguish and pain clinging to both your conscious and unconscious mind. The best and most skilled therapists all see their own therapists.

Don’t lose hope when you take a step back, its like wack-a-mole, as you pound it out of one area it will pop up in another way or area of your life. Even once full resolution is achieved, pain can always creep back in.

It will probably always be there, lurking underneath the surface and I think new experiences can bring it flooding back. But with the right support you can heal, persevere and thrive.


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