Metaphorically, rain is always there. Fear, adversity, trauma, depression, anxiety, you name it. I tried to find an inverted representation of this picture I saw some time ago depicting a person standing under an umbrella, however, rather than it protecting them from the rain, it is only raining inside the umbrella. Once they notice this, they step outside from under the umbrella and the sun is shining.

Both images hold immense power in their potential to create breakthroughs in our states of mind and the way the world occurs for us. In the midst of stress, hardships, discomfort and negativities we can shield ourselves with our metaphorical umbrella, letting the rain bounce off before it can penetrate our psyches.

Alternatively, things may be going ok but we still can’t seem to shake the depression, our expectation of failure and pessimistic way of being. The rain coming down on us from inside our umbrella is of our own creation.

Perhaps we feel we deserve to be miserable or don’t deserve happiness. Regardless of why we continue to stay under the rainfall of our self-imposed suffering, it’s unescapable until we understand we are the ones holding the umbrella and the only ones with the power to set it down. No one can do it for us.

Therapists can help guide us in the process but ultimately we have to choose to put it down. Each and every day, choose not to pick it back up, not even when we’re having a bad day.

To a very high degree, we create our own realities.


3 thoughts on “Rainfall

  1. da-AL says:

    Beautiful post! Many tx for visiting my site. Wishing you the best here πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you very much, it was a pleasure, and I appreciate the comment πŸ™‚

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  2. bluebrightly says:

    It’s a wonderful realization when you learn that we create our own realities, but one that I think we need to relearn again and again. Your post is nicely done, and your “About” page interested me, too. We have a few things in common – I’m here in the PNW (but am originally from the east coast) and was a social worker until I retired. I’m an ox, too, if you mean the Chinese zodiac, but even if you mean the Western one I’m still an ox. πŸ™‚ I worked in a brain injury program in NY State for several years – it was fascinating. Good for you for going into counseling, where you can help others as you learn about yourself. Keep safe and healthy, and thanks for the follow!

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