Wisdom for the day: April 25, 2020

We all have complaints about one thing or another in our lives. Some we can create change of and others not. Many of us wish we were taller, or perhaps shorter, but this is probably something we cannot change, at least until science figures out how to shrink or enlarge us.

For us to let something like this bother us, feeling bitter about the bad hand we are dealt and jealous of others perfect proportionality’s just detracts from our happiness and keeps us in a state of rejection of what is. We wish we were skinnier; this is something perhaps we have the ability to change, perhaps not.

Our complaint can help drive us into action, to help motivate us to exercise or improve our diet, increasing our self-confidence, self-image, and happiness. However, if we do not take action to ameliorate the complaint, we remain in and are unable to escape this state of nonacceptance and self-ostracism. This applies to other people and situations as well, unless we take action to resolve whatever nags at us, we live and breathe the many negative thoughts and emotions snowballed by our complaint.

There’s 3 possible choices to address a complaint: Do nothing and continue to drown within, create the possibility of acceptance and choose to embrace it, closing the door on the previous state of rejection, moving past and letting go, or, take action: initiate the conversations or actions needed for resolution.

Which will we choose? Each day brings opportunities to create new possibilities for our lives. Choice is power, and it is ours to use for our detriment or benefit. We have choices even when we think we may not.


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