8 thoughts on “More cat cuteness: today’s stars Lily and Arya😻

  1. terrepruitt says:

    Am I seeing correctly? Do you have THREE Tortoiseshell cats?

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    1. Your eyes do not deceive you 😉 they’ve got serious tortitude 🙂

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      1. terrepruitt says:

        I was just surprised someone can have THREE of them. I don’t know that my ONE would tolerate that. She is very, very, very sweet, but she knows her mind! Such beauties . . . all four!

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      2. Haha…🐱 mine are very sweet too, Nala and Kooza are sisters from the same litter they’ve always been together 😻 thank you very much! Arya is really settling in I woke up with her laying on me this morning for first time! Will you post a picture of yours here?

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    2. terrepruitt says:

      Can I? i pay for my blog, but I don’t pay enough because mine doesn’t allow pictures in the comments. Does yours? My avatar has one of my girls. When we weren’t in quarantine I would send pictures to my hubby via text of me and the cats. My avatar was one of them. I do have pictures of them on my blog. They are sisters and like your pair, I don’t think ours have been apart.


  2. rekhashivam says:

    Arya is indeed cute!

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    1. Thank you for your comment! She brings so much joy to the household, she’s so cuddly!


      1. rekhashivam says:

        Feel excited to see them!

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