Wisdom for the day: April 27, 2020

Humility is a desirable trait in a person. We can be confident in our abilities and take care of our wants and needs while also being others focused. One might presume thinking of oneself less would detract from one’s happiness and contentment because it would reduce the time one has to do things for oneself but this is not so. By not being selfish, we hold ourselves in higher esteem for the good we do for others and it just feels fantastic knowing you’ve contributed to someone’s happiness in the same way we’d like in return. Knowing humility is a key component of truly being happy, it is a valuable pursuit to actively bring intention to being more humble.

Some people are blessed with incredible gifts and talents and others burdened by tragedy and other misfortunes. Because of our humility we will be better liked by and endeared to others through our gentleness and good naturedness. We will better be able to win friends and influence people, granting us more substantial access to success.

People will see us for the lovely individuals we are which may increase their hope in humanity and inspire them to pay it forward like us.

Commit to trying each day to operate with humility in effort to make the world a more ideal place for everybody and as we begin to sow the seeds needed to grow what’s needed for our future societal evolutions.

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