Intentions: A thing intended; an aim or plan

Underneath everything we do or say are intentions, without exception. I think often times we misinterpret other people’s intentions which affects how we respond as well as the outcomes of situations. Someone might make direct eye contact with us and we interpret it as a glare, that they have some kind of complaint or problem with us but perhaps they are just wanting to make us feel noticed and to say hello. We have the power to shape, change, and recreate our own intentions which if done with positivity can create incredible breakthroughs in the way we experience reality. Our power is drawn from a vast pool of qualities and although we have limitations, we are much more powerful than we might believe.

With minimal, misunderstood or misinterpreted information, we may come to a conclusion of what other people intend which may not be accurate. This is extremely frustrating when it happens to us because not only does the other person not understand our perspective and what it is we are asking or trying to convey, often there are negative presumptions: that what we are intending has some level of malevolence, an attempt to do harm in some way such as insulting, controlling, obfuscating, or predatory in some manner, whether mild or extreme. It can be helpful, questioning our own beliefs regarding other’s intentions, clarifying if necessary so misconceptions can be resolved before negative feelings and outcomes have the opportunity to manifest.

Our own intentions and perceptions of other’s intentions dramatically affect our state of mind, how we experience the world, as well as the outcomes we achieve. Question your presumptions, be aware of what’s motivating and driving you in your actions.


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