Power is choice. We have choice in most things even when we think we may not. Choices tend to change our lives, someone else’s or the world whether momentary or lasting. Some are of little consequence in our grail quest, others critically imperative.

Sometimes after we make a choice we later find we wish had made a different one. Sometimes immediately afterward; like after noticing we’re running late and because we’ve plantar flexed our foot a little too much we glance in the rearview mirror to find flashing blue and red lights.

Other times later, when stabbing regret dawns on us of missed opportunities, or taken opportunities that don’t serve our interest, hurting others or ourselves.

Choices reflect our commitments. In the end, the choices we make are what we were ultimately committed to doing. This is always the case; no matter what we tell ourselves or others, we would have chosen a different course of action had we actually been committed to what we claim we were.

We say we will hit the gym after work. We’re committed we tell ourselves. This is our new years resolution and by God we’re committed! We end up going home, collapsing in our beloved recliner, zoning out to our favorite tv program.

What were we committed to? Was it the gym? No. It was relaxation, having recreational vegetation time. That’s what we were always committed to doing because that’s what we ended up doing. Our actions always and without exception reflect our commitments.

A wise person I read yesterday wrote about how we run into barriers with our attempts at achieving, and that rather than changing our goal we can change our tactics, our plan, our means of operating.

Some things maybe we can still make reality if we make new choices, with others the boat sailed without us aboard and acceptance of that outcome is the only way to not let it haunt us any longer.

If we commit ourselves to internal happiness, to having peace, we can choose to let go of the haunted past we drag around with us, the heavy weights attached to our chains like Marley’s ghost.

We can choose each day to bring intention to holding steadfast to our commitments, keeping our integrity and increasing our personal power. Choice is the wind behind our sails, navigating us to what we merely choose to live with, or creating access to what we truly desire,

8 thoughts on “Power of Choice

  1. G Michael Muller says:

    Excellent writing son. So proud of you!

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    1. Thank you Dad I appreciate that very much. I also am proud of you! I did a lot of writing for my book yesterday you were featured in parts 🙂


  2. Kingston Lim says:

    “Choices reflect our commitments.” True, I would add that choices we make reflect our priorities as well. Sometimes we ‘self sabatoge’ ourselves because we are doing something we know inside we don’t want to do. We ‘tried and failed’ to get other people off our backs.

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    1. Thank you for your contribution Kingston. Self sabotaging is many times even unconscious. There are so many factors as to why people do it but big ones are trauma, guilt, depression and anxiety. It’s a pattern one must bring intention to for amelioration.


  3. You are wonderful writer. I hope that you can share my blog on your page! caeliswords.com

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    1. Thank you Caeli! I shared your blog in my about me page my lovely girlfriend.


    2. Thank you Caeli! I shared your blog in my about me page my lovely girlfriend.


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