Need a little spice in life? Try something new, something different. Excitement is out there waiting for us to discover. Getting in touch with our feelings is a good place to start. We can let our feelings guide us – what feels right, what feels attractive, alluring or appetizing.

When boredom threatens to overtake us learned patterns turn our angst inward, creating a vicious circle of monotony decompensated by unhealthy coping skills. Distress manifests and creates or exacerbates states of mental unwellness, leading to or intensifying negative states of mind like unhappiness.

Learning or improving vital coping skills helps ward off nonconsensual descents into states of darkness or madness and one element of healthy coping is practicing good self care. Good self care involves nourishing our hearts and minds. Helping others is one ingredient, another is creating the possibility of joy for ourselves.

When we feel the suffocating grip of black midnight enclosing we must find joy. Where can we find happiness we might wonder, it can seem so elusive, like trying to hold water in our cupped hands. Find the answer in the drawing below.

Some of us unfortunately have difficulty experiencing pleasure or satisfaction and others can’t seem to be able to actualize contented feelings at all. If this is so, relentless we must be in our pursuit of happiness. A never ending well of plenty exists just beneath the surface. Remembering it’ s there, waiting for us to build the right machinery that can pierce its barriers and grant us access stokes the fires of hope.

8 thoughts on “Spice Of Life

  1. anitashope says:

    Love your cartoon

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    1. Thank you and thanks for your nice comment!

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      1. anitashope says:

        Alwways welcome

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  2. Kingston Lim says:

    ‘Need a little spice in life? Try something new, something different.’

    Often times we don’t do this because we are scared. Even if what we’re doing is not great, it’s still safe and comfortable. While we don’t know if doing something else will be for better or worse, and that paralyzes into inaction.

    Doing nothing if you ain’t happy cripples you in the long run. Think of a frog thrown in a kettle of warm water with the fire turned on. At first it feels alright so the frog doesn’t do anything, but it will slowly boil with time. Don’t be that frog.  

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    1. Thank you for your comment Kingston, wise words and a valuable addition to this topic. Perfect metaphor! 🙂


  3. wazzu1981 says:

    Well written. I find happiness by trying to remember to notice my thoughts that tell me my current situation is inadequate and then completely accepting the moment I’m in.

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    1. Thank you very much. Me too, thanks for sharing my friend.

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