True spiritual death is never experienced by any living creature, at least that is my belief. Our physical bodies may expire but souls live on for what we choose as our next experience or are karmicly forced into. I believe, at a certain point of fetal development, perhaps at heartbeat a soul enters its body and begins their human experience.

Should the soul vessel be aborted, the soul within will return home to try again with a new experience. Their opportunity for that life taken away but a new opportunity given for another. This belief allows me to not feel quite as strongly about abortion as some but I still don’t think it’s fair to the growing soul bearing life to be intentionally terminated.

I completely understand and support women’s rights for full control of their bodies, reproductive system and all as well as their right to change their mind about carrying through their pregnancy but I think it becomes a moral issue once a soul is inside. Existence of souls is a common belief shared by many people. Even if we didn’t have souls I think it would be a moral issue and perhaps especially so because that would mean that chance at life is the only one in the universe it will ever receive.

Of course I believe there are moral exceptions to that life’s chance at living, foremost jeopardy of the mother’s life which is a no brainer. Arguments can be made for others such as rape but I think perhaps even in this case a mother could be encouraged to carry through with its birth. There are far more parents in waiting unable to conceive or with big hearts wanting to provide love for an unwanted child than available adoptable babies.

Having government sponsored support programs for mothers providing guaranteed no cost housing, financial and other comprehensive bankrolling could give them the means to have and raise their child, with guaranteed access to basic living supplies. I think if these kinds of programs were available perhaps some women may give more consideration to having their baby.

The squeeze is tight on people not rich in monies. From what I’ve read and heard, childcare is the most expensive and worrisome element of raising a child so why can’t we provide no cost quality childcare? This ought to be a no brainer. For struggling families rent takes the lion’s share of income and with what they have left they may have to decide between adequate childcare, quality food and other necessities or reasonably needed items.

People with vast immeasurable wealth I believe are morally obligated to help those of us less fortunate than them. Many have earned their wealth and their right to accumulate their heart’s desires is and should continue to be a right. However the absurdly wealthy I think should contribute to ease our squeeze by being very, very, very heavily taxed. This could likely itself pay for universal healthcare, universal childcare, comprehensive child support programs and innumerable other things badly needed within society.

When any person must work two jobs, never have a day off and still not make ends meet we have failed them as brethren and justice and rightness are nowhere to find.

There is so much wealth in the world. According to the top 1% of world citizens hold more than the combined bottom 80%. How much wealth does one need to live one’s best life and fulfill their dreams? If one can afford anything and everything in the world why not be willing to assist the rest of us to do the same?

12 thoughts on “Societal Evolution

  1. colinandray says:

    “How much wealth does one need to live one’s best life and fulfill their dreams? If one can afford anything and everything in the world why not be willing to assist the rest of us to do the same?”

    The first question quoted above cannot be constructively answered until one defines “best life” and “dreams”. There are many examples of individuals winning vast sums of money from a lottery, and they really do not know what to do with it. They buy cars and houses … but what to with the rest? That “rest” could well be accumulating interest faster than it is being spent. The other extreme is to be reckless an eventually go bankrupt. We are not generally used to considering money in terms of millions, so it can be very difficult to avoid simply having a wild spending spree … but that just takes a small bite out of the millions.

    I contacted our lottery organization some time ago and asked why, in their TV ads, do they always show “winners” on an exotic beach, or buying a “modern mansion”, or a Lamborghini … or some other exotic scenario. Why do they never show the “happy couple” paying off their debts, and celebrating with a donation to support new hospital equipment, or expansion of a local shelter, or some such humanitarian cause? Their response suggested that such an approach would not sell lottery tickets! What an abominably self indulgent species we must be!

    I have done a lot of charity work over the years and, in the context of fund raising, we never used to go into the affluent areas as it was not productive. We would spend our time in the “working class” areas. The rationale was very simple – “The more you have … there more you have to lose … the more you hold on to it.”

    The following Post (link) may be of interest re winning a lottery:

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    1. I guess I would define financial means to live a best life and dreams at the point of overkill after one can literally afford anything one could reasonably attain in a lifetime (private jet, mansions on every continent, yacts, cars, helicopters, islands) I mean once these are obtained what else does one need to obtain with infinite wealth?
      Those are good points about the lottery and that is a response I would expect. thanks for sharing Colin. Money helps provide means to assist with happiness but does not in itself create happiness. Good article.


      1. colinandray says:

        “I guess I would define financial means to live a best life and dreams at the point of overkill after one can literally afford anything one could reasonably attain in a lifetime (private jet, mansions on every continent, yacts, cars, helicopters, islands) I mean once these are obtained what else does one need to obtain with infinite wealth?”

        The above is a very sad perspective because it ascertains that money is everything, and in fact the whole focus of that paragraph is on material self gratification. A certain recipe for a very shallow existence.


      2. Colin, I appreciate your input here, however I wasn’t at all saying money is everything, nor material self-gratification. From your response it sounds like you may be postulating I identify with that perspective which is very, very far from the truth.
        I elaborated to clarify my point about what is the point of having infinite money after you can afford anything in the world. Why have infinite ones and zeros in a bank account or piles of gold sitting in safes while the world suffers, if you’ve already captured the complete financial means to live a best life. From reading my other writings I would think you would know I wouldn’t advocate for a shallow existence of only material gratification.

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      3. colinandray says:

        Hi Brandon – Yes I was wondering about that, but your choice of phrases rather “threw me”. Even in your response, you mention (quoted) – ” …’ve already captured the complete financial means to live a best life”

        … it would appear that you are equating money with “a best life” (your words not mine).

        I am quite happy in the belief that you do not subscribe to that position however, I do not understand why you even mentioned it as there appears to be no established context from which to draw a conclusion.


      4. What I was referring to was this: *whatever is that very wealthy person’s idea of a “best life” a certain amount of money ought to be enough, beyond that, overkill at a certain point just ones and zeros, more gold in the safe so whatever they envision as their best life that their wealth can possibly buy what else is there to buy in this pursuit and what more wealth do can be of assistance? I wasn’t saying wealth or materials of one kind or another are requisite for anyone to live their best life, just using as an example to illustrate how it wouldn’t even harm the exceedingly wealthy to be much more heavily taxed, it wouldn’t affect or impact their quality of life or ability to have their perceived needed means to live their best life.


  2. Elaine says:

    I’m sure lots of the very wealthy do give back into society, not all rich people are necessarily bad people. I remember reading somewhere that if all the money was taken from everyone and then everyone in the world was given an equal amount in no time you again would have poor people, rich people and people in between.

    I too am a strong believer in a soul being everlasting and the possibility that we are given the choice of what kind of life we want to lead and what lessons we need to learn in our chosen lifetime. Regarding abortion I think that is a very personal choice for the person concerned to make and we should never pass judgment on their decision.

    Great post to make us think Brandon ❤️

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    1. That i a good point Elaine, I agree a lot of wealthy people give to society but I think it’s a drop in the bucket compared to their near infinite resources. Especially huge corporations should be taxed into oblivion once their profits exceed a ridiculous threshold. Companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and others. Rather than even pay the meager taxes asked of them the people who run these faceless companies have the audacity to hoard their wealth off shore where they pay zero taxes.

      I agree not passing judgment is the right thing to do, however I do not think abortions should be normalized and celebrated in the way they are in today’s society. Also I believe we need universal reasonable guidelines on exactly when the life is beyond the point termination can be done morally and ethically without being infanticide. If another person stabs a pregnant woman and the baby dies it’s murder but if a woman decides to terminate its acceptable to us.

      Thanks Elaine, it was inspired ❤

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  3. Anya Abraham says:

    See when you put it that way, I find myself agreeing with you. Thanks for taking the time off to reply and put forth your views more clearly to me 🙂 I really appreciate the different perspective you’ve just let me see this from. 😊

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    1. Anya, I’m very glad to hear my writing helped you gain a new perspective :). That great to hear and it is my pleasure!

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  4. Anya Abraham says:

    Another statistic that i recently read is that 3% of the world holds 98% of the total wealth in the world. I don’t know how much of that is true but it’s mind blowing.
    However, I don’t mean to sound condescending or rude but don’t you think conceiving through rape and keeping that child to give it away after 9 months is a way of a permanent reminder something came out of that horrible experience, even though that’s a child, a life. But that’s a reminder. That should’ve never happened. It happened against the laws of human nature. Don’t think it’s justified to end that situation then and there instead of birthing a baby after 9 months of carrying that life and then living knowing a half of you is somewhere?

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    1. Thanks for your comment. I’ve heard that statistic too. I wasn’t suggesting that be something required or expected of these women, lust a consideration, something to ponder. if the baby already has a soul, its a complex thing that’s all I was saying if there’s a soul involved something to consider, the baby could also be adopted into a happy family never knowing the nature of their origin. The biological mother could feel glad she brought a life into the world and gave a chance at life. Of course that would be justified, I was writing about souls. Of course its a horrible awful unacceptable perverse thing that never should happen.

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