Caeli and I had our second six word poem off, here’s what happened. We took turns coming up with prompts. For each one we came up with two poems, one at a time.

1st prompt: Sounds of Nature


The light rain pitter patters up

Frogs write a lullaby for you


Crickets chirp birds sing mother listens

Ocean depths echo stillness of deep


2nd prompt: Planets


Orbiting dimensions milky way life questioners

Evolutional souls skating scientists unexpected passengers


Unknown expanding universe birth of planets

Spiral galaxies intertwine cluster of devourer


3rd prompt: On my period

Doesn’t comprehend organs life giving power

Vampire vagina devours my insides


Gushing red flow make it stop

Begins at 13 ends at 50


4th prompt: Rocks


Boulders wont move my mountains anymore

Stalacites another galaxy protects your innocence


You’ve been here since the beginning

Sits atop grave of my cat


5th prompt: Mothers


Love hate em’ you’re their baby

Don’t shove me out the door


A bountiful reservoir giving fierce love 

For secure attachment latch the nipple

4 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt Poem Off

    1. thank you, it was pretty fun, it got me excited to write more poetry.

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  1. beth says:

    you two did an excellent job of this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Beth, I appreciate your compliment 🙂 We gave ourselves about 30 seconds for each one. We agreed we ended in a draw.

      Liked by 1 person

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