Here is another small excerpt:

Friends visited and held my hand, keeping me company along with my family. My family knew I was there and not braindead. My mouth would give the faintest hint of a twitch as I couldn’t help but laugh when my brother quoted favorite comedy lines and played Adam Sandler cd’s.  Doctors indicated it was merely brainstem activity, and not to get their hopes up. I periodically experienced brain storming, which occurred amidst a whirlwind of neurological activity and were terrifying. I would lock eyes with my mom, staring at her with tremendous intensity, trying to let her know I was still there. She would sing to me the song “You are my Sunshine”, over and over followed by tears and silent sobbing. There was a song I liked called Friends by Michael W. Smith-my dad would play it nonstop when he was there by himself because it made him feel close to me. I appreciated that but it nearly drove me to madness having to hear it probably dozens of times a day. When my Mom was there, she would stop him. 

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