I’m making good progress but have barely scratched the surface. Here’s a small excerpt from my early life to keep ya going for now.

Before I could speak actual words I had my own language only my brother could understand.  In trying to communicate with my parents, when they didn’t understand I relied on my brother to translate. He would tell them “he wants this” and they didn’t believe him at first until they realized it was indeed what I wanted.  I remember the first time I got to eat desert, I don’t recall if it was cake or ice cream but oh my god it tasted so amazing.   On my first birthday my cake was placed in front of me to go at to my hearts content.  I pounded that cake into submission, there’s a video to prove it.  Trav was concerned about getting a piece I had touched but my mom was able to get him one. 

2 thoughts on “Brandon’s Book Excerpt: Baby Life

  1. anitashope says:

    First birthday pics are always amazing.

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    1. For sure :). There’s a video somewhere too!

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