We embark on a new Brandon’s Wisdom tradition: Poem Time.

Each day hopefully, I will choose a random prompt of some kind and write a poem Please comment on any Poem Time with requests you’d like me to create for you. I also welcome stylistic and format requests.

Today’s prompt: Justice. *I needed to write on this tonight to release my emotional and psychological heartache after watching part of the video of George Floyd’s murder*

Please don’t kill me, George’s Plea

Bloodthirsty murder on a psychopath’s mind

Malice and murder in his dark, cancerous heart

Please don’t kill me, George’s Plea

George was pinned he couldn’t move

This unholy abomination crushed George’s neck with his knee

In sinister evil the sociopathic animal cut off George’s brain blood flow

Please don’t kill me, George’s Plea

Eight minutes of torture inflicted upon him

Fighting and struggling to stay alive

hoping for mercy and compassion

Please don’t kill me, George’s final Plea

The killer held firm intent to murder clear

With one last gasp his precious life was ripped away

A thousand daggers piercing heart

Sub Humans looked on

declined to intervene

for eight minutes

eight minutes

George hears our mourning

George shares our pain

He is a being of love and light

You will be remembered


George hears our mourning

George shares our pain

You will be remembered

9 thoughts on “Poem Time: Justice

  1. R.K. says:

    I don’t typically write about these issues, as my blog is mainly focused (though not entirely) on cancer. However, I felt compelled to write about this as well. I love your imagery using cancer as the hate and injustice. Very fitting and that’s coming from a 2x cancer survivor!

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment and compliment. Thank you also for sharing for yourself 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. paulmansfield30 says:

    Your poem was timely and heart-felt, Counselor Brandon, and I think heeling, for all of us out there. Thank you for sharing and barring .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Paul, Thank you for your sharing yourself and for your warm validation appreciating my poem. I’m glad you found it meaningful. I hope others do as well. With so many brutal wounds still fresh George’s death brings them all back into blaring pain. Travesties of justice and and the establishment’s clear disregard for lives of people who are coloured must be ameliorated. George’s murderers must face justice. We the people must hold those in power accountable to ensure justice is this time served, where it has been stolen and withheld from so many others.

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  3. wazzu1981 says:

    I can’t see what I’m typing because of the color of the letters in the comment box. I meant to say “the slow murder of George”. 😢

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Try highlighting the text perhaps next time. Thanks for your clarifying past. 😥


  4. wazzu1981 says:

    You captured the the depth of sadness witnessing the slow George’s murder. Justice must be served and they need to amp up psychological testing for cops & jail guards. I don’t ever want to here of this happening again. Didn’t know you were a poet bro.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Trav I appreciate that, writing this helped me process some of my emotions. Agreed, this is a last straw.


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