My brother’s latest blog, give this a read it offers a glimpse inside depression and makes compelling reasons not to consider suicide as an option for a way out.

Advantage Point

On March 11th 2011, an earthquake struck Japan along with a massive tsunami, killing tens of thousands of people and causing a nuclear melt down at the Fukushima Diachi Nuclear Power Plant. I had a comfortable life, living with my brother in a beautiful house a few blocks from my favorite place in Seattle, Green Lake. I made great money as a the studio director of at Seattle Channel 21 and got to work with the most talented local artists Seattle was producing. Acts like Macklemore, David Bazan, Hey Marselles that have since gone on to do big things in the industry. But the same earthquake that shook Japan had a seismic effect on my life and plunged into a pit so deep I didn’t think I’d ever find my way out. I would emerge, stronger and more satisfied with life than I’ve ever been nearly a decade later and…

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4 thoughts on “World On My Shoulders

  1. Your book looks interesting. Chris.


  2. My earliest memories are Renton. Then Cascade Vista with Mt. Rainier in the picture window 3-4 then New Orleans for seven years and then Lynnwood. Went swimming and to the hydroplane races at Green Lake.

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  3. Hey, I know Green Lake. Chris.

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    1. I gotcha, it’s one of my favorite places 🙂 Brandon, nice to meet you.

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