Well hello there. I’m Brandon and I’ll be your tour guide to this crazy thing we call life. Whether everything in your life is fantastic, you’re searching for hope, seeking to reconstruct your concept of reality or restore faith in humanity, I hope you find my blog useful and meaningful. I will write about any topic but plan to focus the most on things related to psychology, philosophy, religion, mental health, and just how to be a happier person in general. I hope that after getting to know me a little bit you’ll be interested in absorbing my perspective and engaging with me in sharing.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest I am a mental health therapist by profession. Let’s dive right into the deep stuff shall we? Raised in the Christian religion, I grew up with an ever festering conflict between my belief system and what I knew was right and just. My mom was going hell unless we could save her. Throughout my childhood I struggled with the idea my mom would be taken away from me forever and the notion that a loving God could condemn anyone to hell for eternity, much less for the sole crime of not being able to force their minds to believe something that doesn’t make sense to them or that fits with their life experiences.

In college my mind was freed and I learned to think for myself and question everything, also memories of my afterlife experience started coming back. I love sharing my experiences with other people and having spirited debates and exchanges of information about interesting topics such as religion, psychology, and philosophy.

At age 13 I sustained a life altering traumatic brain injury which dramatically changed the trajectory of my life. Prior to my TBI I was a professional actor -look me up on imdb, Brandon Ross Muller – It doesn’t list all the work I did but yes I was baby Jambo in Putt Putt Saves the Zoo. My young acting career came to a halt after my brain injury due to a variety of circumstances but more than 20 years later I miss it dearly still and hope to get back onstage someday. My girlfriend, Caeli McKamey (www.caeliswords.com) suggested perhaps I could be an older guy actor one day when I’m able to retire and have the time needed to pursue my dream. Among other things, my brain injury took away use of my left arm and crippled my left leg, I am very lucky to be among the walking, both figuratively and literally.

While acting was always my dream, I had a passion for teaching and that is what I knew I wanted to do as a vocation ever since 1st grade. Each grade I was in, I thought that was the grade I wanted to teach. Later I questioned this but ultimately went into teaching in college where I became an English and Elementary teaching major before realizing I had a greater calling. Not that teaching isn’t a profoundly important and wonderful calling and way to spend a career but for myself, I decided my ability to contribute my special gifts and talents to society and my fellow men and women as a counselor was on a deeper level and more fundamentally needed. My passion for helping others and for the field of psychology fueled my change in course. Because of my adverse experiences in school after my brain injury and severe depression during that time I developed a deep empathy for people with disabilities and ability to relate to people.

I graduated from The Evergreen State College with a Bachelor’s of Liberal Arts, University of Puget Sound with a Master’s of Education in Counseling and am a graduate of the Landmark Curriculum for living. I’m a writer that has started books but never finished, including an autobiography. My reason for starting this blog is I decided rather than to wait to share my story and perspective until I finally finish my book, I realized I could start helping and inspiring people, sharing thoughts and wisdom in bits and pieces and perhaps even reach a wider audience in this blog format. I hope to have interactive and eye opening discussions with you as we learn from each others unique and diverse windows to existence. Please follow my blog, comment on anything you find helpful and feel free to ask questions.

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