Panthers of perception stalk jungles of thought Eagle eyed hawks circle skies of scarlet sanctuaries Eyes open Starlight twinkles within Epiphanies engorged by overflowing light Righteous realizations open shackles of silence Eyes open Lilly pads laid lovingly north by naked nymphs Center my consciousness Light my way Open my eyes Wake and walk in Nirvana

Meeting first as friends, meeting first as lovers Matters not to recipe of last Aspects both fuel romance Love intimately, friend benevolently Lovers whom are friends have found the secret Friendship nurtures fondness and admination Fondness and admiration nurtures romance True romance can sustain with circularity a candle burningwith eternal flame

Awakened by noise. Roommates scratching about. Doors opening and shutting. Lights turning on and off. Hope fading of a return to dreamland as wakefulness invades my mind. Sleep debts accumulate. Early bedtime tomorrow unlikely. Tired. Yawn. Engage coffee.